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AM-412830 item 4 - Bearing

AM-412830 item 4 - Bearing


Acme Gridley replacement 8XB 16XB part number A-17769
AM-412830 item 4 - Bearing

This National Acme replacement bearing part number A-17769 (item 8-XB and 16-XB) is used in Die Holder and Sleeve (Threading Spindle) Assembly AM-412830.  View any of the following layout assembly drawings of the complete attachment for reference.  This replacement part may be used in attachment assemblies that fit numerous size Acme Gridley multi-spindle screw machines and/or positions.

Acme Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8 Universal Threading Attachment - 4th Position
Acme Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8 Universal Threading Attachment - 5th Position

For a complete set of Acme Gridley replacement bearings, part number A-17769 used in assembly AM-412830, please enter a quantity of 2.

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