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Acme Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8 Replacement Parts

On the following pages of 1-1/4" RB-8 screw machine replacement parts, you will find parts lists and code reference drawings which are specific to National Acme (Acme Gridley) 1-1/4" RB-8 multispindle screw machines only.  These reference drawings will assist in determining the part numbers of specific items if the replacement part number is not known.  Also quick links to each specific replacement part are provided if more information is desired.

If you need replacement parts for an Acme Gridley screw machine model other than an 1-1/4" RB-8, please use the "Parts Catalog" tab in the above menu to drill down and find the size and model screw machine you require replacement parts for.

You may also download our PDF replacement parts catalog for Acme Gridley multispindle screw machines. (click to view - or right click, save as to download)

Download Acme Gridley Replacement Parts Catalog PDF


Acme Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8 - Spindle Stopping Clutch and Operating Mechanism
Acme Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8 - Feed Clutch Air Cylinder
Acme Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8 - Crank Safety Mechanism
Acme Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8 - Power Reverse Air Cylinder and Clutch and Controls
Acme Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8 - Air Stock Stop and Depletion Controls
Acme Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8 - Coolant Pump and Piping
Acme Gridley 1-1/4" RB-8 - Guards and Covers

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