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TechDrive Remanufacture Specifications

Specifications of a Remanufactured Acme Screw Machine converted to TechDrive:


  • Standard Carrier And Headstock:
    1. Carrier assembly is cleaned and totally disassembled
    2. Carrier stem is inspected, measured and case hardness determined
    3. If case hardness of stem is determined to be within tolerance, the stem will be reground
    4. If case hardness would be out of acceptable limits, the stem will be pre-ground, chromed and finished ground
    5. Main toolslide bushing replaced and bored to fit new carrier stem diameter
    6. Carrier O.D. bearing diameters are inspected and measured
    7. Headstock bores for carrier shall be bored, bushed and rebored
    8. Carrier O.D. ground for new high tech seals front and rear
    9. Main drum shaft bores and cross slide shafts bores in headstock will be bushed, bored and rebored
    10. All spindle assembly parts are replaced
    11. New Timken Class 3 spindle bearings installed
    12. Front and rear retainers are replaced
    13. New work spindles installed
  • Tool Slide:
    1. Main tool slide bushing is replaced
    2. Flat and taper gibs to be replaced
    3. Replace guide block with new
    4. The nut, spacer and positive stop rod replaced
    5. Main tool slide push rod replaced
    6. New standard size push rod bushing installed in gear box
    7. Tool slide operating arm repaired and fitted with new roll and stud
    8. All main tool slide holders shall be replaced and line bored after completion of quality assurance testing
  • Index Mechanism:
    1. Locking pin assembly is inspected and locking pin is ground and mated to locking pin sleeve if necessary
    2. Locking lever fitted with new rolls and studs
    3. Locking pin spring replaced
    4. Locking pin cam replaced if necessary
    5. New cyclo index mechanism
    6. Replace index gear shaft
    7. All rolls, studs and bushings replaced with new
    8. All shaft, bushing and spacers are replaced
  • Standard Cross Slides (Upper, Lower And Intermediate):
    1. All Slides And Base Removed And All Bearings And Top Surfaces Ground
    2. 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th Position Slides Are Replaced With New
    3. All Slide Bases And Slides Hand Scraped And Flaked For Proper Fit for 1st and 6th position
    4. All Roll Blocks Replaced with New
    5. All Operating Levers Are Replaced With New And New Rolls, Studs And Springs Installed
    6. Adjusting Screw, Adjusting Screw Plates, Lever Bearings Replaced
    7. Cross Slide Gears And Shafts Are Inspected And Replaced
    8. Cross Slides Operating Drums Replaced
  • Gear Box Section to be TechDrive with Variable Speed:
    1. Base, Headstock and Gear Box Castings Checked 100% for Flatness and Square Alignment. Re-machined if Necessary
    2. Large Bronze Gear And Steel Worm To Be Replaced. (Replacements Are O.E.M.)
    3. Worm Shaft Assembly to be Replaced with TechDrive Assembly
    4. All Standard Spindle Drive Mechanism to be Replaced with New TechDrive Components
  • Main Drum Shaft And Drums:
    1. Main Drum Shaft to be replaced with new
    2. All Drums To Be Inspected, Redrilled, Reamed And Pinned. All New Pins And Keys Installed. Auxiliary Drum To Be Replaced With New
    3. Center Cross Slide Drive Gear Replaced
    4. Main Drum Shaft Collars Replaced And Set For Proper Drum Spacing And Line Up
    5. Main Tool Slide Operating Arm
  • Back End Section:
    1. Finger Holder Assemblies Replaced with New
    2. Collet Tubes Are Replaced
    3. Pusher Tubes Are Replaced
  • Lube System:
    1. New Gear Box Lube Pump To Be O.E.M. Pump
    2. All New Lube Lines And Fittings Are Installed
    3. New Oil Filter And Intake Screen Installed
    4. New Pressure Switch Tied Into The System To Shut The Machine Down When Not Enough Oil Pressure In System
  • Coolant System:
    1. Coolant Pump To Be Replaced
    2. Coolant Pipe To Be Replaced With New Manifolds. Pet Cocks And Valves Replaced
  • Motors:
    1. New Main Drive Motor To Be Installed For Variable Speed Spindle Drive
    2. New Servo Drive System To Be Installed For Drum Shaft Drive Train
  • Reassemble:
    1. The Machine Shall Be Completely Reassembled To O.E.M. Specifications
  • Quality Assurance:
    1. Radial, Spacing And Straightness Test Are Performed On All Spindles. These Tests Will Meet Or Exceed O.E.M. Specifications
    2. Our Customers Are Invited And Encouraged To Visit During The Rebuild Program And Especially To Witness Our Quality Assurance Testing
    3. Test Results Are Submitted With All Machines
  • Paint:
    1. Machines Are Painted To Customer Specifications
    2. Paint Specifications Are Requested To Be Included In The Purchase Order
  • Electrical:
    1. Complete New Electrical Redesign With Double Station Control Panels.
    2. All New Electrical Installation Utilizing Programmable Controllers
  • Items To Be Omitted And Replaced TechDrive Gearbox:
    1. Pulley Shaft, Spindle Change Gear Shaft, Spindle Range Gears, Spindle Change Gear And Related Parts
    2. Feed Range Gears, Feed Change Gears, Small Worm Shaft And Related Parts
    3. Small Worm Gear Shaft, Roll Clutch And Related Parts
    4. Constant Speed Shaft, Disc Clutch And Related Parts
    5. Power Reverse, Clutch And Related Parts
    6. Brake Assembly And Related Parts


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