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  • Carrier Rebuilding and Repair

    The spindle carrier is the most substantial component in providing accuracy and holding tight tolerances with your multispindle screw machine, which is why extensive care and attention to detail is given to each and every one of our carrier rebuilds.  The entire rebuilding process is done in-house, including the grinding, which is done on our custom built Landis O.D. grinder set up exclusively for grinding carriers and tool slide stems.  We also have the capabilities required to re-bore your headstock (carrier housing) if needed as well.

    Our spindle carrier rebuilding and repair department offers quick turn around time to bring your Acme Gridley spindle carrier and tool slide back within OEM specifications.  Click on the carrier image to your left in order to review our spindle carrier and tool slide rebuilding procedures, and also to request a quote for rebuilding your spindle carrier and tool slide.

  • Clutch Rebuilding and Exchange

    In order to keep your down time to a minimum, we now offer an exchange program for most clutches found in Acme Gridley multispindle screw machines.  Depending on our stock, you may choose to utilize our clutch exchange service where your clutch will literally cross paths in the mail with our identical rebuilt clutch.  If we do not have your clutch in stock, our qualified personnel can totally rebuild your clutch as well.

    We service and support most all clutches found in Acme Gridley multispindle screw machines: Spindle stopping clutches, feed clutches, threading clutches, high and low speed clutches, and Logan clutches just to name a few.  Our clutch rebuilders can quickly repair and rebuild your clutch, bringing it back to like new condition.  To inquire about our clutch exchange, or to request a quote to have your clutch rebuilt, click on the clutch image to your left.

  • Pick-Off Attachment Rebuilding and Exchange

    Now offering new pick off attachments and rebuilt pick off attachments through our exchange program!  We can also rebuild your pick off attachment if your model is not currently in stock for exchange.  Our skilled rebuilders can quickly rebuild your pick off attachment, keeping your down time to a minimum.

    We rebuild all pick off attachments for Acme Gridley multispindle screw machines 7/16" RA-6 through 3-1/2" RB-8.  Also offered is a complete pick off add-on kit, which includes a micro PLC control and 40 character display panel that monitors all functions of the pick off attachment while providing additional machine functionality and plain English error messages.  By clicking on the pick off attachment image to your left, you can read more about our Acme Gridley pick off attachment rebuilding services, and also request a quote for a new or rebuilt pick off attachment from our stock, as well as set up an exchange of your unit.

  • Custom Add On Kits

    Most all of our attachments, whether custom or standard, are able to be compiled into an "add-on-kit".  This in turn keeps costs low, and enables a more standardized and simple installation package.  One of our more popular packages is the Stock Depletion add on kit.  All of the electrical components are plugged in, with the only wiring necessary to install being a 6-wire cable to your existing main control cabinet.  Our Stock Depletion add-on kit also provides useful machine functionality, such as a "cycle stop" function, cycle time display, and resettable production counters.

    Another popular add-on kit is our Perishable Tool Counter.  This kit enables you to keep track of two tools per position, plus four auxiliary tools.  Not only does this kit save on tool changing costs, it also adds cycle time display, production counters, batch counters, daily and shift production counts, and more!



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JEM Automatics and Tooling has been providing the multispindle manufacturing industry with used, reconditioned, remanufactured, and retooled automatics for over 35 years.  We have one of the world's largest inventories of automatic screw machines, with typically over 400 multispindle automatics in stock, along with a huge inventory of parts, tooling, and attachments.

Our services include complete in-house rebuilding, design and engineering, set-up and run-off, new and surplus parts, tooling and attachments, CNC retrofit packages, and on-site service and support.

Feel free to peruse our massive inventory of in-stock used multispindle screw machines, which will give you a glimpse of our ever changing and growing catalog of available machinery for sale.  We can rebuild, recondition, retrofit, or retool any of our available machines, or take in your multispindle screw machine for these services as well.

To give you a better idea of our wide range of capabilities, consider our services tab above, as well as our highlighted innovations.  Our unique solutions and custom engineered attachments put JEM Automatics and Tooling at the forefront of advancements that are essential to today's multispindle manufacturing industry.

One of our accomplishments to take note of is our innovative TechDrive conversion.  The JEM Automatics and Tooling TechDrive conversion is a state of the art, programmable component that contains numerous features and benefits.  With infinitely variable speeds and feeds at the touch of a button, improved cycle times and efficiency rates, as well as the elimination of numerous maintenance hindering parts, our TechDrive conversion results in our customers having noteworthy cost savings, which enhances both their bottom line and competitive edge over off-shore competition.

We are multispindle specialists, dedicated to servicing and improving the multispindle manufacturing industry.


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