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Jem Automatics and Tooling Corporate Profile

Jem Automatics and Tooling Incorporated, a Michigan Corporation, was established in 1974 in Clinton Township, Michigan.  One year later Jem relocated to Warren, Michigan and presently occupies two facilities, one being a 25 thousand square foot warehouse/manufacturing facility and the other, a 90-thousand square foot R&D and engineering center both within that same community.  Our core competencies include the buying and selling of automatic screw machines along with providing customers with an assortment of value added services.

Currently, Jem's core competencies are twofold: Manufacturing and supplying raw materials into machined finished parts for the nation’s industrial sector and also retrofitting screw machines to meet the stringent requirements of the twenty-first century. Our customer base includes numerous Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, OEM manufacturers and Tier-one and Tier-two suppliers.  From inception, Jem Automatics and Tooling has enjoyed a 10-15% annual growth rate due to management’s unique corporate culture; one that embodies a spirit of individual entrepreneurial autonomy of its management team and their creative foresight to envision the future and deliver first-in-class products and services to the ever changing requirements of its customer base.

Although the screw machine industry has undergone a dramatic and devastating decline during the past two decades, Jem Automatics and Tooling will continue to maintain leadership position within the niche, given our management team’s unique approach to the high degree of efficiency rate on its deliverables, along with impressive cost savings to our customers.

While retrofitting obsolete screw machines is by no means novel, the manner of which Jem Automatics and Tooling executes this process is in fact, a result which brings to market, a sophisticated mechanism that far exceeds the complexity and operational efficiency of what it once was.  Jem individually designed and engineered components make up nearly 90% of the newly completed screw machine cells.  Much of this content is comprised of state of the art electronics and information technology, perhaps most important is our value added proprietary innovation, TechDrive.

The implementation of research, design, engineering, electronics and information technology bring to market a Jem Automatics and Tooling retrofitted multispindle screw machine that meets and exceeds the expectations of its valued customer base.  As expected, customer benefits are just as significant as the operational efficiency of the newly engineered screw machines.  Production cycle time is reduced, fewer operators are required, and in most cases efficiency rates accelerate from about 70 to 85 to over 90%.

The scores of features and benefits of a Jem Automatics and Tooling retrofitted screw machine result in its customers noteworthy cost savings which enhances both their bottom line and competitive edge over off-shore competition.  At the end of the day, this customer supplier relationship becomes a win-win relationship for all involved.



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