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Innovative Multispindle Screw Machine Engineering

Here at JEM, we believe in designing cutting edge solutions to help overcome your multispindle screw machine challenges, so you in turn may become more competitive in today's marketplace.  Whether it be an existing product improved upon, a customized attachment retrofitted to your particular setup, or a new innovation all together, you can count on JEM Automatics and Tooling for the solution.

Have a particularly difficult setup to achieve?  Want to get rid of those costly secondary operations?  Take a look at our highlighted innovations and custom engineered attachments listed below to get an idea of our capabilities, then head over to our engineering services section to see what JEM can do to improve upon your specific application.


  • Unique Solutions

    The inconceivable and unparalleled solutions created by our engineering department are featured in this section.  Implementation of these unique developments may just add new life into your current processes.


  • Superior Attachments

    Take an existing idea, and make it better.  Heavy duty attachments with superior quality and lasting durability can be found in this section.


  • CNC Upgrades

    A retrofitted CNC upgrade provides greater dimensional repeatability of parts produced, significantly enhancing the accuracy of multispindle screw machines. CNC can compensate for mechanical inaccuracies when indexing from one spindle to the next, greatly improving the precision of your parts while adding consistency to your process.


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