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Combination Air Back Finish and Shelf Slide

An innovation made possible by air back finish is the 6th Position Shelf / 7th Position Back Finish Combo. This attachment mounts in the same position as the 6th position auxiliary slide. The Combo has incorporated in one base both a fully functional, cam operated, shelf slide and an air back finish slide. The shelf slide portion operates with the standard roll lever and cams, and uses the standard tool holders. The back finish slide has the same features as the stand alone air back finish slides described below. Imagine, gaining a cross slide position AND eliminating a secondary operation with the back finish IN THE SAME SETUP.


The traditional mechanical attachment has always been a clumsy arrangement with its multiple geared levers and cams. With the use of the air cylinder the construction of the slide is simple and easy to use. The slide utilizes shock absorbers and positive stops, the down stroke-stop being adjustable and doubling as one of the three axis of adjustment required for the tool. This eliminates the need for the adjusting sub plate used in mechanical attachments. The use of limit switch cams to time the operation allow full flexibility for changing the set-up (i.e. high point / low point cut-off) or even simply turning the slide “off” when not in use.

Air back finish also can be utilized for jobs that the mechanical version cannot handle. For example the slide can be remounted on a simple spacing plate or block to extend the tool holder out to clear longer parts while using the “High Point Cut-off” method. This would be impossible to do if mechanical linkage was used.

The machine that is to be retrofitted with air back finish must be equipped with push button operated feed or, at a minimum, feed “kick-out”. This is necessary because if, for some reason, the air slide does not operate the machine can be stopped before indexing or jamming the pick-off. The additional electrical and pneumatic controls can be incorporated into the machine if it is being rebuilt at the time of installation, or added with micro relay logic if the existing electrical box is big enough. Jem can also supply a complete pneumatic and electric package that incorporates a micro PLC with message / menu display panel, pre-wired and plumbed (for pick off too) for easy installation.

If the machine air back finish is installed on is a Tech Drive machine, the control of the attachment is easily added to the PLC and touch screen interface. Setting the timing of the slide and it's safeties is done right on the screen. Both "high point" and "early" cut off timing can be pre-set and be switched in seconds when changing setups.

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