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Spindle Carrier and Toolslide Rebuilding and Repair

JEM's spindle carrier rebuilding and repair department offers quick turn around time to bring your Acme Gridley carrier and toolslide back within OEM specifications.  We grind our carriers in-house, and can also re-bore your headstock (carrier housing) if needed as well.  Our carrier and toolslide rebuilders follow precise guidelines and procedures, including the following:


Carrier Rebuilding:


  1. Carrier assembly is totally disassembled and cleaned
  2. Carrier stem to be indicated to determine centrality to all spindle bores
  3. Carrier is set up in our special carrier grinder and adjusted so that when ground, the stem centrality is optimized to all spindle bores
  4. Stem is finished ground and polished
  5. Carrier O.D. bearing diameters are indicated and polished
  6. If carrier O.D. bearing diameters are not concentric to new finished stem, they are minimally ground to match stem
  7. Carrier spindle bores checked for spun bearings and indicated for alignment
  8. Carrier spindle bores if out of acceptable limit shall be bored, bushed, and re-bored at additional cost
  9. Front and rear bronze retainers inspected and replaced as necessary
  10. New front and rear oil flingers installed
  11. The spindle gears are inspected and replaced if necessary
  12. New class #3 spindle bearings installed
  13. Rebuilt work spindles installed


Tool Slide:


  1. All main tool slide key ways and surfaces irregularities repaired as necessary
  2. The main tool slide will be ground flat on all faces
  3. Main tool slide bushing replaced and bored to fit stem
  4. Flat and taper gibs to be replaced
  5. Front and rear stem seals to be replaced
  6. Grind and resurface existing guide block
  7. Optional: All main tool slide holders to be bored and bushed for re-boring on machine at additional cost



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