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Clutch Rebuilding and Exchange

We offer services to rebuild and/or repair virtually any Acme Gridley multispindle screw machine clutch.  Although limited on direct exchange at this time, our clutch rebuilders can quickly rebuild your clutches for Acme Gridley screw machines.


  • Rebuild Threading Clutches
  • Rebuild High Speed Clutches
  • Rebuild Low Speed Clutches
  • Rebuild Feed Clutches
  • Rebuild Logan Clutches
  • Spindle Stopping Clutches - Exchange Most or Rebuild
  • Complete Roll Clutch Housing Assembly - Exchange Most or Rebuild



Interested in having your multi-spindle screw machine clutch rebuilt?  We make the quote process as simple and efficient as possible.  Simply fill out and submit the short form below - we will then review your specific requirements, and email our quote for your consideration.

By logging in your contact details are automatically inserted in to this and every other RFQ Form throughout our website.  You will receive a copy of your request via email whether logged in or not.

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