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JEM Automatics and Tooling is a full service supplier and manufacturer of high quality repair and replacement parts, tooling, and attachments for National Acme (Acme-Gridley), Conomatic (Cone), Davenport, and New Britain, as well as for many other non-domestic multispindle automatics.

Our product catalog section houses the replacement parts, tooling, and attachments that are standard OEM design.  These direct replacements may be original OEM spare parts, or aftermarket replacements manufactured upon the original OEM design which will meet or exceed the quality of their originals.

If you are looking for custom or retrofit attachments that are not OEM design, please see our Innovations tab for superior attachments and unique solutions, or our Services tab for repair and exchange of your multispindle screw machine parts.

Please note that our online replacement parts catalog is an ongoing project and some model screw machine parts, tooling, and attachments may not yet be listed, or certain links may not be active.  We are constantly updating our website with additional items - if you cannot locate what you are looking for, please email your request directly to or use our Quick Quote form to request the replacement parts you need - one of our knowledgeable staff will respond to your request as soon as possible.


  • Acme Gridley Replacement Parts

    Full online catalog of repair and replacement spare parts for National Acme (Acme Gridley) multispindle automatic screw machines.  Sorted and organized by machine size and group key code, as well as illustrations for each group so you can quickly locate the part you need.

    You may also download our PDF replacement parts catalog for Acme Gridley multispindle screw machines. (click to view - or right click, save as to download)

    Download Acme Gridley Replacement Parts Catalog PDF


  • Acme Gridley Tooling

    All your tooling needs: Collets, Pushers, Pusher Tubes, Masters and Pads; End Slide Cams, Cross Slide Cams, Stock Feed Cams, and Chucking Cams; Spindle Speed and Feed Gears; Drill Holders; Drill Chucks; Collet Chucks; Tool Slide Toolholders; Cross Slide Toolholders; Cutoff Tooling, and More


  • Acme Gridley Attachments

    Find National Acme (Acme Gridley) Attachments plus all related replacement parts and accessories for them in this section.  Sorted and organized by machine size and attachment type & position, and includes illustrations for each assembly so you can quickly locate the attachment parts you need.


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