Rotary Transfer Machines
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Custom Screen Design

Custom Screen Designs for Collet Chucker Loading Systems and Special Attachments are tailored to your specific TechDrive Screw Machine.

Debug Screen Shows Live Status of Limit Switches

The debug screen plays a huge role in keeping your down time low due to possible machine faults. For instance if one of the pneumatic cylinders in the loader system gets chips obstructing its full stroke forward, a possible fault banner that would arise would state that the part was not fully loaded.  The operator could then use this screen to determine exactly which proximity switch is not being made that is causing the fault. This gives the operator a real-time physical view of the screw machine automation layout, so they may quickly clear the obstruction in that area allowing the cylinder to perform correctly.


Manual Control Screen

The manual control screen (on this particular machine with an automatic loader) allows you to manually control each cylinder forward and back if needed, or "single step" manually through the automated process.


Loader Drum Shaft Timing Configuration Screen

The drum shaft timing configuration screen is used to set up the points in the cycle when certain actions occur. Also on this screen are toggle buttons to "turn off" specific spindles, so when that spindle comes into position to have a blank part loaded, the automatic loader will skip that spindle and not load a blank.


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