Rotary Transfer Machines
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Easy Setup Parameters

Speeds and feeds are configured through the simple Touch Screen Control, as opposed to changing gears and cams to make changes!

Overview of TechDrive Setup Parameters:


Machine Setup, and Feeds & Speeds Configuration Screen

Configure Spindle RPM by touching the displayed current speed and inputting the new RPM on the pop-up keypad. As a safety you cannot input a higher value than the max RPM rated for the machine.

Setting the Feed Rate is simple as well. Input a cam rise, dwell length in degrees, cam length in degrees, and feed rate. This will set the feed rate for the machine. You can input a cam rise for each position in the "Machine Setup" section on the left side of the screen. This will display the feed rate each cam will create.

Pressing the “Calculate Cycle Time” button will display the estimated new cycle time in the lower right section of the screen. If you are satisfied with the change press the “Commit Changes” button to finalize and download the changes.


Drum Shaft Timing Adjustment Screen

Degrees can be set for events timed with the Main Drum Shaft. Zero is where the standard Acme “High Point” is. High speed start can be retarded or advanced, as well as the end point. "Deceleration Degrees" is the actual setting for leaving rapid. "Cycle Stop Point" sets the point the machine stops when cycle stop button is pressed. "Index Safe Zone" settings are for safety checks that will allow the machine to continue through index, and "Chucked Zone" is used mostly for chuckers equipped with automatic loaders.


Typical Attachment Screen

There will be one or more screens for configuring attachment usage, depending on how the machine is equipped. There are controls for Air Trip Threading, Air Pick-off, Air Back Finish, and any number of special attachments that require electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic control.


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