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Used Multispindle Screw Machines For Sale

JEM Automatics and Tooling prides itself on having one of the world's largest inventories of automatic screw machines, with typically over 400 used multispindle automatics in stock.  Our vast selection of in stock used screw machines enables us to take a machine out of inventory and rebuild it for you while you continue to run your existing machine.

Upon completion of your rebuilt screw machine, we can optionally take in your old machine on trade and apply its value to your purchase price, therefore saving you money while you experience no down time!


  • Acme Gridley

    The National Acme Company produced more than 60,000 multispindle automatic bar and chucking machines in over one hundred years of manufacturing. JEM Automatics and Tooling provides full service to Acme's entire product line, which includes rebuilding Acme Gridley multispindle screw machines that meet or exceed original OEM standards. A sampling of our current inventory is listed for your reference on the following pages. We can sell as-is, rebuild, recondition, retrofit, or retool any of our available screw machines, or take in your multispindle for these services as well.


  • Conomatic

    JEM Automatics and Tooling also sells and services Conomatic multispindle automatic bar and chucking machines. Conomatic, or "Cone" multispindle screw machines have long been recognized as rugged and reliable, and many features have evolved that make them highly productive and adaptable. The Conomatic line is vast, with bar machines from 9/16" to 5-1/4" capacity and chuckers from 5-5/8" to 8" capacity.  A sampling of our current Cone inventory is listed throughout the following pages.  We sell Cone multispindle screw machines as-is, or JEM can rebuild, recondition, retrofit, or retool any of our Conomatic screw machines in stock to meet your requirements.


  • Davenport

    For more than a century, Davenport's Model B has been the most profitable multispindle automatic screw machine available.  It takes less time to make a part on a Davenport because setup is simplified and operating time is minimal.  Davenport's chucking machines also provide machining flexibility on parts up to 2-1/4" diameter.  JEM sells and services all models of Davenport automatics, including the Davenport HP.


  • Gildemeister

    JEM Automatics also stocks a small assortment of Gildemeister multispindle machines for sale.  Listed is a sampling of our current Gildemeister inventory.


  • Index

    Occasionally we also acquire Index multispindle screw machines.  Listed here is our current inventory of Index multispindles we have for sale.


  • Mitsubishi Acme Gridley

    The metric counterpart to National Acme screw machines, Mitsubishi Acme Gridley multispindle screw machines are available from us as well.


  • New Britain

    New Britain Machine produced a series of multispindle bar machines and chucking machines.  JEM Automatics and Tooling provides service to the entire line of New Britain multispindles, and a wide variety can be found in our inventory for sale as-is, or we can rebuild, recondition, retrofit, or retool any of our New Britain multispindle screw machines to meet your requirements.


  • Tornos

    When a Tornos automatic multispindle screw machine becomes available for sale, we will list it here.


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